Your Business is at Risk

Hackers know that most small businesses are not prepared for network security breaches, making them popular targets for cyber attacks.

Your business has exactly what hackers want — a treasure trove of customer and employee personal information. Just as a burglar can easily break into your house through open windows, hackers can get inside your organization’s network using rogue access points. But how can you prevent this from happening?

Network vulnerability scanning from Senecal IT Solutions can help your business identify and eliminate security gaps before they’re exploited.

Why You Need Network Vulnerability Scanning from Senecal IT Solutions

of small to medium businesses report experiencing a data breach in the past year
of small to medium business data breaches involved external threat actors (hackers)
were breached due to a known vulnerability where a patch that could fix it was not applied

What Is Network Vulnerability Scanning?

Network vulnerability scans play a crucial role in safeguarding networks. The process involves both external vulnerability scanning — a scan from the outside to check your network’s firewall and other “perimeter” defenses — and internal vulnerability scanning — a scan that tests every device on your network.

Internal vulnerability scans not only look at your servers and workstations but also check laptops, mobile devices, printers, network phones and anything else internally networked.

The scanning process is identical to what hackers do when they search for weaknesses on a targeted network. The scans detect any known vulnerability and send an alert after each scan with details on the vulnerable devices and nature of the weaknesses. This is critically important because unless you find and fix the root cause of the problem, it leaves your systems inside the network vulnerable to attack.

New bugs and vulnerabilities are identified daily and can exist on any device on your network — both public-facing computers and systems inside the network. Vulnerabilities often remain unchecked for weeks, months or even longer, increasing the likelihood that a random check of your system by hackers will yield a payday for them and a nightmare for you.

Protect your important data with Network Vulnerability Scanning from Senecal IT Solutions.

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